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Bryan 2 Business Talk Radio Show

Host: Bryan Detwiler


Website: Bryan 2 Business Talk Radio Show


Bryan2Business Talk Radio Show is a fresh, fun and authentic look at business leaders and industries. We will pull back the curtain on how businesses and industries really do business and how they are really faring in the current marketplace. Guests will include world class business leaders,Entrepreneurs, as well as, top tier experts in their fields. Our goal is to bring you every week engaging, entertaining and actionable content that will arm you with the information and insights that will guide you as a business owner, future business owner or investor that wants to win in the world of business.

About: Bryan

Bryan is a Business Broker with Link Business, the largest business brokerage in the world, and he helps business owners to go through the intimidating process of selling, and or buying of businesses. Bryan started his love of business early as he comes from an entrepreneurial family, and he has been doing deals since he was a teenager. Bryan has been successful as a business leader both at the C-suite level as well as business owner, investor and entrepreneur. Several of his endeavors have been featured in national media outlets such as HGTV, Fox News, and USA Today.

Interested In Buying or Selling a Business?

If you are a Business Owner experiencing one of the following issues, it may be time to exit.

• Burn out
• Retirement Age
• Divorce
• Health Issues

Selling or buying a business can be intimidating, time consuming and complex. I provide insight on valuations, market conditions, and manage the due diligence process. This helps to remove the stress and anxiety for you and allows you to keep successfully operating your business. It is never too early to start planning your exit, The more prepared you are, the greater the amount you will keep in your pocket b2bbryan.com

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