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Stock of Rock

HOSTS: Elisa & Bill




Stock of Rock”….. With Elisa & Bill is all about classic rock!  It’s called “Classic” because it’s good!  That’s what “Stock of Rock” delivers…quality info-tainment from a quality era.  Hosts Elisa and Bill are a committed couple dedicated to a time and genre of music that can only be found in the glory days of Rock and Roll from the 60’s, 70’s…and maybe even 80’s!  Stock of Rock pulls back the current on the music so many of us are passionate about; but if we are not careful, could fade into oblivion.  Each week Elisa and Bill provide listeners that “ah ha moment discussing the historical significance of the music and playing bits of songs that make you say; “oh yah…I remember that one!”, while bringing back memories of the good ole’ days!  They also spend time sharing great stories of the era and artist…as well as many of their own.  Listeners are entertained, informed and above all…made to smile!  The Stock of Rock does just that…Rocks!


The Rock and Roll Minute is a 90-second radio feature devoted to sharing stories and keen bits of information on music and artists from the “golden age” of Rock and Roll.  Host of the “Stock of Rock” Radio show and “Rock-N-Roll Minute”; Elisa and Bill inform listeners on something they probably don’t know about the music and artists they grew up with:  Was Ringo really better than Pete Best?  Which songwriter got sued for plagiarizing himself?  Which rock star’s father helped start the Vietnam War?  The Rock-N-Roll Minutes will prove not only to be surprising and enlightening, but a whole-lot-of fun too! If you’re a rock fan, the Rock-N-Roll Minute is just a little something that will illuminate your day.