"How to Make It, Spend It,
and Invest It!"

The Small Business Advocate

Hosts: Jim Blasingame

The Small Business Advocate Show, with founder and award-winning host, Jim Blasingame, is the ONLY weekday radio show in America dedicated to entrepreneurs, and those who want to be.

It’s been nationally syndicated continually since 1997. The show is heard daily Monday through Friday. Jim conducts over 1,000 live interviews annually with business experts, policy makers, and entrepreneurs. The show is fast-paced and content driven. The audience is encouraged to email questions which Jim answers, including sometimes on-air with the person who asked the question, at a later date. Jim has gathered the world’s largest community of small business experts, over 400 strong and growing, which he calls, The Brain Trust. Every show includes interviews with members of The Brain Trust, as well as other guests.